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To help you in this time of National Emergency we have a number of consultants who can support your direct Logistics Operations for short term requirements in supervisory or management roles as well as Driver Trainers / Assessors (IVV Accredited Courses, FLT Trainers (ITSSAR Accredited Courses

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Corona Virus (Covid -19)


Covid 19 continues to be a concern to us all and at SAT our primary focus is the safety of our staff around the World.

At this time we have suspended all of our training schedules in line with Country Specific Advice or Restrictions. We continue to monitor the ever changing events and will provide support and assistance to clients wherever appropriate or requested by Government Bodies. 

We are an award-winning logistics consultancy based in Manchester, UK, with a global reach into Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.


Our unique blend of consultancy, technology and training allows our clients to lever best value from their logistics operations and supply chains, often with a return on investment that is close to cost neutral.

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