We want to help you make your supply chain more efficient with location-based insights and IoT Sensor Data

Moving goods and materials need is so much easier today than it used to be, the challenge is that only 11% of companies worldwide are able to see thier supply chain beyond the first level. At SAT we like to help our customers track everything they need to, with access to the latest technologies allowing you visibility over you supply chain. 

Our latest technology requires no external power source, is a SAAS solution that can be fitted and up and running in minutes allowing you to;

  • Improve the supply chain and optimise transport and logistics

  • Have location-based insights to create better security

  • Have IoT Data Sensor reporting

  • Secure high-value goods

  • Examine box trailers, container chassis, dollies, and other assets

  • Increasing efficiency

  • Cost saving

  • Monitor the exact location of assets and non-powered equipment

  • Theft and loss recovery

  • Keep track of factual data

  • Integration into existing third-party ERP and management systems

We provide you the option of either direct purchase of the hardware with web portal access to manage your assets or we can provide you with a rental option with pricing starting at just £23.19 per unit per month. 

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