Driver Newsletters

Do you need driver newsletters?

Yes!  Many organizations use in house newsletters to disseminate significant safety information to their drivers.  These often include; 

  • Announcing new safety practices and guidelines

  • Reviewing existing guidelines;

  • Sharing quarterly accident statistics and trends;

  • Encouraging employees to submit safety concerns and questions;

  • Raising safety awareness;

  • Announcing safety alerts;

  • Reviewing the organisation's safety resources;

  • Providing executives a forum to share safety insights;

  • Publicising special emphasis awareness campaigns;

  • Reviewing safety equipment specifications;

  • Sharing regulatory or compliance updates;

  • Announcing company safety awards;

What will we provide?

A quarterly driver newsletter that;


  • Highlights any changes in the law,

  • Communicates company policy

  • Recognises the top 3 drivers in your business for that quarter

  • Ready made, zero stress monthly driver safety notices that follow a theme. These can then be distributed to the drivers and used in safety briefings. 

  • Themes may include, tire safety, fatigue, vehicle checks and other factors such as weather conditions. 

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