Driving Course

Do you need a driver training course?


Yes! The course will reinforce the previous lessons learnt on eco and safe driving as well as from the monthly safety briefing notices.


On average, following driver training,  most drivers show an improvement in their fuel economy of around 8%. This can present significant fuel savings for both your business and the environment. 

What will we provide?

A course approved by the Energy Savings Trust in England and Scotland, Accredited by IVV Diamond Advanced Driving. 


The course is designed to help drivers improve their driving skills and reduce the amount of fuel that they use while driving.


We will provide a 4 hour practical driving course for each registered driver and a driver coaching session (every two years for Premium and Tranquillity Customers) to ensure that your drivers maintain your standards and understand the driving policy

Where your fleet falls outside of the Energy Savings Trust scheme, we will provide an alternative course for you that still provides the benefits you will get from the EST Courses. 


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