Driving Policy

What will we provide?

Your driving policy will;


  • be branded to reflect your company

  • include all the requirements that you need to ensure your company is protected

  • be updated annually to reflect any changes in the law

  • cover all aspects of driving for work, including;


  • your responsibilities as an employer

  • employee responsibilities,

  • company vehicles, 

  • public transport, and

  • grey fleet vehicles. 

Do you need a company driver policy?


Does your company have a specific driving policy that you review with newly hired employees as well as all employees annually?  If not, you are missing out on one of best risk management tools available to you. 


Having an official, written driver policy shows both your employees and your insurer that you take the issue very seriously. 


Most importantly, it can help reduce claims and keep safety on the minds of your drivers.  Any strategy that you can put into place will go a long way in controlling claims, and, therefore, premiums.  


The daily exposure to a catastrophic claim is probably higher in the operations of your vehicles than in any other scope of your business.  That is because vehicle accidents are a frequent threat to business, and the cost of settlements is increasing. 

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