Licence Check

Do you need to check your drivers' licences?

Yes!  Many businesses conduct licence checks for each driver at least once a year. However, it is worth remembering that drivers can rack up penalty points quickly and in a short space of time.


It’s a good idea to check employees’ driving licences regularly, to flag up any individuals who are ineligible to drive or who have picked up penalty points without informing their employer, they are uncovered sooner.


Employers may, for example, check those drivers who already have points on their licence more frequently than those who don’t. For drivers working in particularly high-risk roles you should consider making them the subject of more regular (quarterly) licence checks.

What will we provide?

We will organise an annual driver licence check on all registered drivers. This is done through the DVLA and in accordance with the GDPR requirements. 


We can also discuss providing you with more regular checks if needed.    

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