Operational Change Management

SAT consultants are very experienced in the management of change within organisations, we recognise that change is a constant that needs to be identified and managed so that your business can evolve and grow, working with your business from Board level to shop floor.


Helping to Identify, conceptualise, plan and  implement the process of change, ensuring it becomes embedded into the culture of your organisation, leaving you with a full solution and a future strategic goal.

Helping you improve your operational performance

It doesn't matter what type of operation you run, everyone is always looking for a way to run it more efficiently, cheaper and quicker. 

Over 70% of business admit that they cannot see thier supply chain and only 11% claim that they have visibility of tier 1 contractors so the opportunity for improvement is huge

We will help you review and evaluate your operation or specific parts of it to create efficiencies using recognised programs that will simplify your business process. 

Increasing performance through agreed targeted deliverables to ensure that your performance gains are cost effective and meet social environmental targets

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