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Becoming a Greener Business

There are increased dire warnings appearing in the news about how climate change can effect us, our daily lives and the way business leaders conduct business with the reputation and continued growth of any business reliant upon its green credentials as enviro - savvy consumers start to use thier purchasing power to effect change.

For business owners, in particular small business' it appears to be a nightmare, with the potential of increased costs and falling profit margins as the impact of using less energy efficient transport modes begins to cost more and those costs are passed on. With consumers becoming more savvy about how they spend thier "green" pound they may not accept those costs and simply shop elsewhere, resulting in a reduced customer base.

Its a quandary that many business just haven't been able to take on, in some cases overwhelmed with advice, in other cases literally no advice provided and in all cases SME owners feeling that its more tax on them.

Its important to remember that there is help out there, in our case we provide practical support as well as advice but here are some simple things that you can do to help your business now;

1 Ensure that you have a Travel Policy that covers all forms of transport and encourages your staff to use energy efficient transport methods when commuting or travelling for work.

2 Make sure that you appoint a "Fuel" Champion. They should actively monitor the amount of fuel that each of your vehicles uses, that its not wasted by vehicles idling and that drivers drive in an economical way.

3 Train your staff. Train them to drive your vehicles properly and in a fuel efficient manner, it may surprise you to know that if your business is in England then there is Grant Aid available to support driver training. There is also a legal requirement for you to do this under the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act.

4 Use Technology - theres lots of it about to give you accurate data on who, how and when your vehicles are being used and perhaps more importantly when they are being abused! The technology can give you some huge insights into your business logistics and help you shape its future, cutting down considerable costs and improving its efficiency.

5 Good data management, having technology is great, understanding the data is the key and the most important bit. If your thinking of buying technology start from the point of what reporting you want and work backwards to select products.

The combination of all of this, will dramatically reduce your carbon emissions and have at the same time give you reduced operating costs and an increased commercial competitiveness over your competition.

Of course, it can take resources to get it all in place and that maybe something you dont have - but we do. In fact, its even similar than that, we have 3 off the shelf solutions that provide you with everything you need to make that change just follow the link for more information

If you want more advice, support or information, then please email us info@strategicanalyticsteam.com or call our Business Development Team on +441619321418 today.

SAT is a Nationwide Approved Trainer under the EST Training Scheme

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