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Can you afford not to change how you manage transporting people and goods

I recently took a drive across Europe from Rotterdam to Ljubljana, I love driving and the journey is as much part of the excitement as the reason for the trip - in this case business and pleasure.

The journey allows me to observe how other towns, cities and countries are managing the movement of people and goods, to ask questions of those involved and compare that to how the UK manages itself. Its a great way to get educated.

One of the things that strikes me is the comments made to me in the UK about how difficult it will be to change and the hundreds of reasons why we cant make a change to ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles), from range anxiety to lack of charging points and a lack of range in makes and models of vehicles. My perspective is that these concerns are based on old information, clearly the manufacturers need to make sure they are getting the message out better.

In Europe its a different story, in Germany and Slovenia many of the Business people I have spoken to are embracing this change, they understand its value and while they understand there is a commercial expense at the outset, they are then recouping the capital outlay through reduced operating costs.

There are of course other factors that will impact business in the UK going forwards, irrelevant of the Brexit outcomes, in Scotland the Government have set challenging carbon emission reduction targets, in England we see the same with a growing number of cities actioning clean air zones, with Manchester setting some of the most aggressive targets in the World at this time.

In addition to this, we are now beginning to see clauses in contracts and bid tender documents asking vendors to outline the changes that they are going to make to improve and reduce thier carbon footprint and so in part the decision on if you are going to change to ULEV or action other plans to reduce your carbon footprint has already been made, what you need to do is decide how you will do that and with what support.

We can of course help either directly or by putting you in touch with other specialist consultants to talk about renewable energy sources or your existing building infrastructure, so if you need some support please contact us today, we are happy to help.

You can call us on 01619321418 or email us info@strategicanalyticsteam.com

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