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Cycling tips for Winter Part 1 – Clothing

By Charlie Sciberras



Have the winter months put you off going for a cycle? Don’t worry, we have a few clothing tips to help you cope when braving the weather on two wheels.

1. Be prepared for all weather conditions

A top tip is to always check the weather and dress accordingly in the correct winter cycling gear. Put on some warm layers and your waterproofs If there is going to be rain. Also, the nights are longer in the winter, so you must always make sure you're clearly visible to drivers and pedestrians by checking your bike lights are working before you leave, alongside wearing high-vis clothing.

You will be thankful for the extra time spent getting prepared

2. Be sure to keep your feet warm

The feeling of having wet feet and frosty toes is the worst. However, you can help prevent this by wearing some decent waterproof socks and waterproof shoes. Also be sure to check that your shoes are non-slip to help your feet stick to the pedals while you are riding.

3. Many thin layers beat a couple thick layers

Even in the coldest of conditions it’s still very easy to get hot and sweaty on your bike, that's why we recommend wearing lots of thins layers. By doing this you can easily take things off and put them back on again as you see fit to help keep the sweats away.

4. Make sure to wear quality waterproofs

A quality waterproof outfit consisting of shoes, socks, trousers, jackets, gloves and a hat are essential to keeping you warm and dry during the winter months. Don’t use showerproof gear as it doesn’t absorb rain in very light showers, meaning any kind of heavy rain would leave you looking like a drowned rat.

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