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Getting visibility of your supply chain using next generation telematics

One of the most critical parts of everyone’s business is their supply chain, its efficiency is the key to so many of our production and manufacturing operations that any failure in it is likely to have a significant impact.

Companies invest millions of pounds every year in trying to create efficiencies within it. We send thousands of people on training courses, we us 6 Sigma, Kanban and tools like Heijunka and Poka- yoke to drive efficiencies, we employ analysts and consultants to tell us how we can make improvements and make it more cost effective, yet we still cant see our supply chains.

According to Deloittes 2018 Global Chief Procurement Officers Survey, a staggering 65% of companies only have limited visibility on their supply chain with only 6% claiming that they have full transparency of the entire supply chain.

Getting Visibility of your supply chain will help you reduce your costs

The costs associated with inefficient or failing supply chains can be huge, the EO of JLR recently saying that a broken supply chain for JLR could cost up to £60 Million GBP a day if it failed completely. For other companies the costs mount up in different ways so the key to being able to deliver is to understand fully your supply chain.

One of the ways of doing this is to invest into technology that can deliver results back to you. Rather than relying on your supply chain partners to give you information you now have the opportunity to see it for yourself and then work with your partners to drive through the changes you need.

Technology is the way forward, until now there have only been some limited options on how you can track anything in your supply chain, essentially because tracking devices have needed a power source. That's all changing and next generation wireless telematics have entered the market place bringing powerful data and reporting capabilities with them.

Companies worldwide have invested into Vehicle Telematics, they have done so because it allows them to fully manage their asset risks for road transport operations, the same will apply here as companies who invest into telematics to drive the supply chain will have significant advantages over their competitors.

That technology has caught up and now you can have telematics attached to almost everything and anything in your supply chain.

Using the latest in telematics technology systems you can now:-

Improve supply chain optimisation as well as transport and logistics functions by having visibility of where your products are around the globe to within a few meters.

You can track containers, ccu’s, pallets or goods or anything else you want to.

You can have location based insights and create additional security as you have near real time information on where your products are anywhere in the world.

Obtain data on temperature, humidity, moisture, shock, tilt and light so that you know how your goods and materials are being handled.

You can see“Bottle necks” in your transportation chain and actively manage them helping your transportation partners make improvements

Manage the routes that your products travel along through the whole multi modal cycle

Identify mishandling and enable your transportation partners to make improvements

Reduce your costs and ensure that your ROI is fully capitalised upon.

You can find out more about this technology here

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