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Its been a big change

The world has changed significantly in the past few months and its been such a significant change that we will probably never go back to our old ways of working and while it has been exceptionally difficult and heart breaking for many individuals and companies, it is time to begin to look to the future and how we can provide services to our old clients and our new ones.

Web Site - New Look and Feel

We may have been quiet to the world but internally we have been working very hard to reshape what we can do and how we do it, so the first thing you will notice is a new look and feel to our website, we hope you like it and that its now easier for you to get around.

New Offices for June

We are physically moving to some new offices from the 1st June, our new office location is a beautiful old mill office building at Alder House, Clyde Street, Leigh, Lancashire WN7 2AU and we will have a new phone number for you to make it all easier for you to contact us.

Training Restarting

We suspended all our face to face training to meet the restrictions that have been in place around the World. We continue to monitor these on a daily basis and now that restrictions are changing we look at how we can restart training in countries where its appropriate. If you have any training requirements then please talk to us and we will work with you to try and meet them.

We have a range of new training courses that will be coming available, these include Procurement and Supply Chain training to support business operations. If you would like to know more, then please contact us here

New Clients

We welcome some new clients to us and look forwards to building our relationships with them on some exciting new projects, including a significant piece of work on Road Safety, we will bring you more news on this over the next few months.

New Technology

We have spent some time reviewing technology while we have had some more time and have identified a range of new technology products that will help future proof your business needs into the future, this includes more advanced telematics systems with greater reporting flexibility that's more intuitive and easy to use, technology for cycles as a growing form of transport and worker proximity and access control to keep your workers compliant and safe under Covid restrictions in the work place. Please contact us here to discuss your needs.

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