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Speeding Makes the News

You may have seen the news today about all vehicles being fitted with speed limitation devices, we also sent out a briefing note on this on the 5th March that you can read here

So what is the implication for you today? Well none to be blunt, this isn't something that will impact onto you today, tomorrow or next week but it will happen in a few years time, starting with new vehicles, so far there is no mention of what anyone wants to do with older vehicles but you can be sure that its being looked at.

Should we be getting excited about this then? Road Safety Campaigners will of course be excited along with many safety professionals, on the other hand there will be business organisations who feel that this may impact onto thier business and there will be plenty of road users who feel its another infringement onto thier freedom.

The reality is that we have speed limits for some very good reasons and all this does is use technology to enforce that, in particular outside schools, colleges, care homes, hospitals who will be the first targets, but as the scheme develops into the wider community - like all the 20mph limits in urban areas that are largely ignored despite protests from residents.

For business that operate within the current laws, who are ethical in how they manage thier logistics and encourage contractors and drivers to route, schedule and deliver goods and materials this should make no difference. For companies who take no direct control over deliveries and let vans and delivery vehicles operate with excessively high drop rates per hour or elect to have no controls in place because that's the job of the contractor, may find themselves in a more difficult place, as new vehicles are introduced then the drop rate will by default fall.

The technology is already there to take action on this now, along with a range of steps that can be taken by both companies and individuals to reduce the incidents that they are involved in. There is also a huge spin off to this, you will reduce your costs and your carbon emissions.

If in a few years time, the decision is made that equipment needs to be retrofitted to older vehicles then this can be achieved and for those running telematics equipment that may be as simple as a software update - if your provider is capable of the developments required.

If you want to talk to use about how you can use technology to manage your vehicles and drivers better, improve your road safety and reduce your carbon emissions saving you considerable costs, then please email us info@strategicanalyticsteam.com and we will be happy to talk to you.

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