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The Environmental Revolution

The last couple of weeks of protests in London will have no doubt annoyed many Londoners trying to go around their daily routine and while the rest of the UK has looked on we couldn't help but wonder - where next? As it happened there have been low key protests in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Glasgow and there will be more to follow.

Its impacts will be felt as there is no doubt of a growing ground swell of people wanting to see change take place, the dilemma is that while the principle is supported, the practicalities are not. In a recent straw poll in Greater Manchester, most people supported the need for a clean air zone, but then didn't want the current plans adopted.

So here are a few things to think about ;

1200 people a year - that's the number of people in Greater Manchester alone who die as a direct result of carbon emissions from vehicles.

£84,000 is the amount of goods returned in every £100,000 spent in online shopping (UK) - that generates thousands of tons of Carbon Emissions every year, so when we see "free delivery and collection" perhaps its not that free.

21,600 that's the number of EV charge points now in the UK with an expansion rate now at 800 per month

92% that's the amount of time a car is typicaly parked for in its life time

86% of fuel never reaches the wheels of a car (tank to wheel energy flow ratio)

33.3% is the amount of time its being driven looking for a parking space

1.5 is the average seat occupation in a 5 seater car over its life time

Sainsburys have announced a move to Electric Vehicles across its UK fleet for Online Deliveries

VW have announced 18 production sites across Europe for EV only to produce 70 models by 2023

In the next 2 years an Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) will be in place in a city or town near you, if you dont have a Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) then you can expect to be charged for entry into those areas and they are not insignificant charges, with Greater Manchester looking at charges of up to £100 for every Clean Air Zone a polluting vehicle enters in a day, there are likely to be over 10 CAZ's so the potential could be £1000 per day.

At SAT we continue to work with our customers to deliver clear strategic plans with practical solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the business operations they run, we also provide a number of free "Lunch and Learn" sessions around the UK supporting SME's with advice on how they can take steps now - to be in a better position for the new business demands that are coming.

If you would like to learn more, then please talk to us call +441619321418 today or email bdm@strategicanalyticsteam.com

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