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The Fastest Road Car is.....Electric and its not Tesla

Its the season of Motor shows again and with UK Car Manufacturing in turmoil over the changing Global Manufacturing Challenges compounded by Brexit we thought we would help dispel some myths around Electric Vehicles.

First of all some hot news from the Geneva Motor show where the fastest street legal car has been showcased, coming out of Italy where the stable includes Ferrari and Lamborghini this supercar comes from the classic stable of Pininfarina, called the Battista it could set you back a cool $2 million USD, but you get a lot for that.

This supercool EV has a reputed BHP of 1900 - that's double what a Formula 1 car carries, it has a top speed of more than 250mph it will do 0-62mph in less than two seconds, 186mph in less than 12 seconds and apparently will do 280 miles on a single charge. Now that's some car but a little out of our price range.

What it does announce though is that Manufacturers are gearing themselves up to make the change, driven ever harder by the green agenda and consumers looking to make those changes earlier than later, it also tells us that the myths of EV and Hydrogen Cars, Vans, Buses all being a bit like old donkeys is long gone and a new era of transport is just around the corner.

For many the idea of ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicles) seems to be a step to far and "it wont go far enough" along with "there is nowhere to charge them" being citied frequently as reasons not to buy.

But the number of sales is increasing rapidly up by 110% on January 2018 and looking to continue with that trend Manufacturers are making more announcements about availability and production.

Production and delivery times have been a challenge and not just for Tesla, for most Manufacturers but that gives you the opportunity to make some changes about the way that you operate your fleet - so its not bad news.

There are a number of things you need to consider, not least of which is the size and type of vehicles that you need to operate your business efficiently and at the least risk - you need to do this as part of an overall strategy of change. You need to consider where you will get the vehicles maintained - if you have workshops now, what will you do with them in the future and how will you retrain the staff there, diesel fitters wont be appropriate for vehicles with only a few moving parts and electrical systems.

Your drivers will need to be retrained, if you have sent them on fuel efficient driving previously you will need to do it again as its a very different style of driving (Its OK, we offer this to our clients and were the first company in the World to hold an independently accredited training course for Electric Vehicles)

You need to think about how you train your support staff so that they can route vehicles effectively and take advantage of charge points. There are not enough of them we hear you cry - well every Shell Station in the Country is having Charge Points fitted, so are most of the other major fuel station providers, Tesco have announced that they are fitting them in thier car parks (dont tell everyone but some of them may be free as well) and there are very useful apps available to show you where they are. Many telematics providers have also started to integrate EV charging stations into thier software making the management of your vehicles easier.

The change to EV may not be as painful as you think it could be and we are here to help you at anytime you want us to. In the meantime, if you cant afford a luxury cool supercar, then have a look VW, Volvo, Nissan and Ford who all have competitive offerings for cars, vans and trucks amongst others.

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