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Tool Thefts are Rocketing Across the UK

Its a sad fact of life that thousands of trades people are having tool stolen every year in the UK leading to loss of earnings and for some the heart-breaking decision that they can no longer continue as they cannot afford to wait for thier insurance company to pay up.

The chances of recovery have been almost nil and most tools that are recovered are found by accident or during Police raids for other reasons, it's all to common. Take the case of Louise, she is a self employed Gas Engineer and Plumber, earlier on this year her van was broken into in broad daylight, it was witnessed and filmed. 3 young lad pulled up alongside her van, forced the side door open, into the van and away with all the power tools they could get inside 3 minutes.

Luckily for Louise, some of her tools were recovered following an appeal on Social Media but that still left her thousands of pounds out of pocket and 6 months later still waiting for an insurance settlement.

This is a Tracker and NOT a battery

Following Louise's theft, we thought about how we could help her and the thousands of Trades people who are affected by tool thefts every year and we've come up with this little device.

As you can see, it looks and feels just like a standard Makita battery, but inside is a tracker and not just any tracker, this one comes with a concierge service, so if its stolen along with your other power tools, our investigations team will track it down and get it recovered with the help of the local police. Its accurate to within a couple of meters.

Obviously it doesn't come for free, it will cost you less than a pint a day and you may even get some relief on your insurance costs. This is after all a Thatcham approved security product.

Want to know more or order one? Give John a call on 07849967606 today and he will help you get sorted out.

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