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UK a Clean Air Zone by 2050

"The UK should lead the global fight against climate change by cutting greenhouse gases to nearly zero by 2050, a report says. The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) maintains this can be done at no added cost from previous estimates." (bbc.co.uk/news)

The most ambitious clean air targets in the world have been identified in this report which comes at the same time as MP's voted to make climate change an emergency. This will have significant implications for anyone running a vehicle and with a greater impact on those who have fleets (including grey fleet operators)

In Scotland the report highlights more opportunities to achieve these targets before 2050 making it more aggressive and in Wales they have less opportunity so will be a few years behind, but the overall impact is the same, the UK has set itself up to be the champion of a green and clean land (and air).

With a number of cities having set plans for clean air zones already, it is reasonable to assume that these will be stepped up to other towns and cities across the UK with the potential for existing plans to be strengthened and plans that are currently in consultation to receive early approvals.

While we have yet to see, analyse and understand the full implications of these latest Government moves, we do understand the current plans and will be sending out a series of blog briefings over the coming weeks that highlight different plans from Cities and Towns across the UK, and what you as a vehicle owner need to do to make changes and have a strategy in place.

One of the challenges for all business owners is understanding what is going to happen at a local level and what they will need to account for when business takes them to other towns and cities. A good example of this is London where the Clean Air Zone has been set up, but all the London Boroughs are looking at different plans and the potential of different charges for entering CAZ's in those boroughs.

If you would like to know how we can assist your business with practical solutions today, then please contact the Business Development Team bdm@strategicanalyticsteam.com who will discuss your needs with you and help you find solutions for your business.

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