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UN Global Road Safety Week

1,350,000 - that's the number of people killed on roads around the World in the last year, its a staggering figure, that's the equivalent of over 4 fully loaded A380 aircraft crashing each day which would attract significant media attention and would leave us thinking that we would never want to board an aircraft again.

Road deaths are also one of the leading figures of deaths in young people, in particular the 5 - 29 year age range. Apart from the devastating consequences, there is then a huge financial impact onto families often the loss involves a person who directly contributed to the families wealth, this is particularly relevant in developing countries, where young people are often major contributors.

For business there are other effects that can cause significant harm, the most obvious one is loss of reputation when a vehicle being used on your company business is involved in an incident, just think of the number of times you have seen a van flying past you on the motorway emblazoned with a company logo and you think "Obviously speed limits dont apply to XYZ Acheme Company of Chelmsdutton". Beyond that there are other considerations, how do you replace the member of your staff, what do you do about the loss of knowledge, how do you manage the sense of loss that other colleagues will have or the relationships that the staff member had with your customers.

Changing our behaviour on the roads may help save a life, so why dont you take a look at this toolkit from the UN and make a pledge today to change how you use the roads you travel on and make it just a little safer.

If you want more advice on Road Safety and how your business can take steps to make Roads Safer, reduce incident rates and save costs, then please contact us on 0161 932 1418.

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