Location: Customer Premises

Number of Students: up to 10

Course Length: 3 Hours 


Blind Spots can be the hidden killer but what are they? Everyone has heard of ‘blind spots’ they are normally areas around a vehicle that are hidden from the sight of the driver. Vulnerable road users can enter blind spots without the knowledge of the driver of your company vehicle.


How does this affect the driver?

Your company?


There are other blind spots. How drivers think and perceive things when they are driving. We pigeon hole the truth, locking out the environment by our own conditioning and prior expectations. This can be based on our upbringing, conditioning and prior expectations. spots can therefore be both physical and mental.


The course aims to raise the drivers awarness of what is around our vehicle when we are driving and the practical steps your drivers can take to minimise the risks

Blind Spots and Driving


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