Location: Customer Premises

Number of Students: up to 10

Course Length: 3 Hours 


This course looks at how drinking alcohol affects us as well as the use of drugs and the impact that this has on your driving and operating machinery. What the law legally allows and whether this is morally acceptable in today’s modern sociality. Aimed directly at all your employees including those who do not drive for work but use personal transport for commuting. 


Different countries have different limits. What happens if you do have a drink or use drugs and an incident happens.

How will this affect you?

Your family?

Your income?

Can you afford to have that second drink? Take those Prescribed tablets? 


We look at what is a unit of alcohol and how can you visualize it?


The alcohol consumption levels for men and women.

The morning after effect.

How we process alcohol and the time it takes.

When is it safe to drive again after a ‘night on the town’? 


What are the punishments if you are caught over the limit? The consequence of drink / drug driving and the long-term negative impact. 

Drug and Alcohol Awareness


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