SAT Trainers provide quality training to those in need of Certifying on Multi Directional Reach and Combi Forklifts. All our courses are approved to Independent Training Standards Scheme & Register (ITSSAR)


The aim of our Multi Directional Reach and Combi Forklift training course is to provide the operator with the essential knowledge and skill to perform tasks to the highest level.

Multi Directional Reach and Combi Forklift truck training courses last between 1-5 days depending upon the requirements of the operator, developing essential skills such as company machine operation, health and safety, and accepted good practice.


During the course, operators will participate in practical demonstrations and exercises, as well as learning theory lessons to ensure their understanding of the equipment is comprehensive.


SAT Traininers follow a specific set of standards as determined by ITSSAR to ensure your staffs are trained to the highest standard. We utilise the following points to create an assessment report specific to the training course, creating confidence in knowing employees are competent in all course requirements.


Provide the candidate with the basic knowledge and practical skills involved in operating the Multi Directional Reach and Combi forklift Truck.

• Managing pre- shift checks before commencing any task
• Stacking and de-stacking
• Maneuvering around obstacles, reversing, etc safely
• Loading and unloading in a safe manner

Course Duration


  3 Students 2 Students 1 Student
Novice 5 Days 4 Days 3 Days
Experienced 3 Days 2 Days 2 Days
Refresher 1 Day 1 Day 1 Day
Conversion 2 Days 2 Days 1 Day


Upon successful completion of the course all operators will receive certification.

FLT Multi Directional

  • Course costs will vary depending upon your needs and the number of people requiring training. Prices start at £300 please discuss with us your specific needs before ordering, call us on +441619321418 

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