Understanding and managing your road risk keeps your business efficient 

Managing how you keep your road risks to a minimum is a continuous challenge, ever changing and with increasing demands for accountability, reduced costs and increased productivity levels while ensuring that your fleet runs in as an environmentally friendly way as possible.

SAT understands this and what you need to do to manage your fleet. We have a range of cost-effective readymade solutions to help you with that no matter what the size of your fleet. All the services that we provide can be tailored for your business and our consultants will be happy to work with you, helping you have smarter fleets and improved carbon efficiency so that you can take on business in cleaner cities with confidence. 

Our projects teams have worked on :

  • Improved fleet Utilisation with savings over $3 million USD

  • Cargo consolidation services to reduce last mile delivery requirements

  • Policy and Process design, implementation and sustainability to deliver improved driving performance measures

  • Driver Training and Licence Acquisition programs in the UK and Middle East 

  • Reduced Carbon Programs in Europe

  • People Movement Programs in the Middle East

  • Remote Material Logistics 

  • Out Sourced Managed Services

  • Accident and Incident Management

  • Telematics Projects

  • Route Risk Analysis Projects


What project would you like us to work on for you? Simply contact us here for an informal discussion on your needs.   

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