The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 specifically states that you must have a safe system at work in place to protect ANYONE who drives for your business. 

"More than a quarter of all road traffic incidents may involve somebody who is driving as part of their work at the time (Department for Transport figures). Health and safety law applies to work activities on the road in the same way as  it does to all work activities and you need to manage the risks to drivers as  part of your health and safety arrangements"  UK Health and Safety Executive

What do they mean by ANYONE? 

Just that, anyone who drives while at work, this could be someone who drives a company car, van, truck or bus. It could also be any other member of staff (Including volunteers) who drive thier own car or a vehicle hired by your business to undertake any work activity. This could be as simple as dropping of the post on the way home, attending a meeting at a customer premises or even giving a colleague a lift to the train station while they go away on a business trip. 

What do the HSE Executive say I must do as an employer? 

The HSE Executive have produced a guidance paper for you to use, the main headers from this include:


Are your drivers competent and capable of doing their work in a way that is safe for them and other people?

Are your drivers properly trained? 

Do you ensure your drivers have clear instructions about how to keep themselves safe while on the road?

Are your drivers sufficiently fit and healthy to drive safely and not put themselves or others at risk? 

Do you know your duties under health and safety law when employing contractors and subcontractors

Are vehicles fit for the purpose for which they are used?

Are vehicles maintained in a safe and fit condition?

Are you sure that drivers’ health, and possibly safety, is not being put at risk, eg from an inappropriate seating position or driving posture?

Safe journey - Do you plan routes thoroughly? Are work schedules realistic?

Do you allow enough time to complete journeys safely?

Do you consider poor weather conditions, such as snow or high winds, when planning journeys?

For a full copy of the HSE Executives Guide "Driving at work Managing work-related road safety" follow this link

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